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Minnesota Musings

You have no idea

By April 23, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments

People only get a slice of one’s life and pass judgments on that slice. The reality, people never know what goes on hour after hour, day after day, weeks and years. Nobody ever gets to see the details of one’s inner and outer life.

Passing judgment is a disservice to oneself.

It is here I want to start with the truth, “you have no idea.” People bring their own value judgments to a situation, and while that is on some level human nature, it is not necessarily true. They are deluding themselves thinking they may know what is best for another person. We give people room to be who they are letting them live within their own choices and taking responsibility for those choices whatever the outcome may be.

I try to live in the place of not caring one way or another. A middle way if you will not attaching feeling or judgment to one’s choices. This is not easy, judgments come all the time. With meditation there comes a chance to see how they surface, note them and let it fall away seeing the person in all of its truths and delusions as they speak. Delusions is not a judgment it is a way of thinking clouded by justification and living in the past and/or future, not in the now. That’s really a different way of seeing the world and people.

I don’t want to live that way any longer thinking I know what’s best for another person when I begin from that place of judgment. It is a form suffering for myself and the other person.

Religion dictates what is right or wrong. I get that people need that framework to work within, but it gets lost when so many judge others, thus putting themselves above because they know what is best. I am seeing this everywhere now more than ever, and it is problematic.

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