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What’s It Gonna Be?

By November 11, 2020No Comments

Listen to the opening lyrics to a song called “Territorial Pissings,” from the 90s band Nirvana. A pretty prosperous time in America. Nirvana topping the charts with lyrics sung with, snarling anger and sarcasm was definitely not indicative of the times.

Now give the original song a listen. (:51 seconds in for the same lyrics)

This original was performed by the 1960s group the Youngbloods during a time of upheaval including the Vietnam war.

President Biden. Has a nice ring to it. It better, he’s been trying to become one for nearly 30 years. Better late than never I guess. Now I am not here to burst your bubble, I can feel your elation from halfway around the world here in Japan. This had to happen and it may be good for the country and even the world.

The optimism and hope that exists right now will fade. Okay, a little bubble burstin goin on. Once it does what will you do? Go back to business as usual by pinning your hopes and dreams on a President? Your man winning does not abscond you from the responsibility of doing the footwork.

Here’s a list of 10 pre and post Covid issues. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are many more both national and local needing your attention and action:

1. Skyrocketing health care costs 2. Climate Change 3. Obesity 4. Drug addiction 4. Racism 5. Wealth disparity 6. Skyrocketing education costs. 7. Personal debt 8. That pesky pandemic 9. Crumbling infrastructure 10. The Supreme Court

Here’s the rub people, there is a large swath of the population that voted for Trump again. Remember those feelings you had four years ago when Trump won? Well they are feeling it now. The challenge, don’t add gloating to the elation you are feeling.

If you happen to be a Trump supporter reading this, don’t hate what’s outside you, hate the feeling on the inside and fight it. That’s where real change comes–the inside. It is and has always been an inside job. Far too often we look out and see some circumstance or someone to blame.

“So come on people now, smile on your brother, and sister, everybody get together, try and love one another right now.”

This may be our last shot! If we don’t get this right it could be what I read recently in a New York Times article.

How Do You Know When Society is About to Fall Apart?

What’s is it gonna be the Nirvana or Youngbloods version? You get to decide.

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