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Weekend. Lazy Days. Recovery Days.

By October 12, 2020No Comments

Today’s blog post is nothing more than a straight up stream of consciousness exercise in writing. I usually like to add a creative bent with a side of twist, but truth be told I am not in the mood. So I will simply write what comes to mind–meandering be damned!

“Say what I mean, do what I love and f’n send it.”

What a lazy couple of days its been thanks to the accompanying rainy days. After all it is typhoon season here and we have to accept this fact. It’s a blessing having slowed me down from doing all that healthy exercise. As I have gotten older I realized that besides exercise, recovering is just as important. My body no longer recovers like it used to. Like the typhoon season, this is a fact I have to accept.

As much as my mind thinks I am still in my 20s I cannot will it to function at that age. Actually, I can, but I would pay a dear price in the form of needless pain and suffering in parts of my body that I have no idea exist as of this writing. I know because I willed my mind to be in the 30s once and I discovered my lower back.

As much as I want to return to the good old days of youth by sheer will, just like the weather I cannot will it to stop raining. During these rainy days that force me to stay home, I can besides writing do core exercises to strengthen the lower back pre-empting the pain if I so choose to go back to my 30s.

As we age what we lose in strength we make up in smarts. A younger invincible thinking version of myself would go out on a rainy day and drink and eat crappy food. While the next day I’d pay the price. But it wouldn’t matter, I am young and my body will bounce back. I cannot imagine doing this now. I never drink and rarely eat crappy food knowing full well that this body is breaking down with each passing minute.

Truth be told our bodies are breaking down the moment we pass through that tunnel leading us to the light of day. The difference, when we are young invincibility reigns the mind. As we age, reality comes to the fore. The evidence is overwhelming and unavoidable. (See lower back pain above).

Need more evidence? Skin wrinkles in places where the sun both shines and doesn’t. Wounds take longer to heal opening the door in my mind to what I never knew existed–hypochondria. Note to self: All google-related medical research leads to cancer. Metabolism and its bedfellow weight dig in making it difficult to shed. (See crappy food above).

Nearing the end of this lazy Saturday blog my conclusion, treat your body with respect. In the long run, while things will break down, “shouganai,”Japanese for no choice, chances are you will tip the scales in your favor at least slowing down the process.

Sometimes I never know where my writing will go, today this is where it went.

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