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Two Avenues One Path

By February 6, 2020May 9th, 20202 Comments
Two Avenues One Path

This is a short one today. Why? Because I am beginning the process of mourning a dear friend of mine of over 30 years who has been put on life support until the rest of her family arrives. And then it will be time.

I have been writing about death quite a bit these days. It is what I write about, life experiences. This time, death is reminding me of the word truth. Death is one of life’s truths, the great equalizer in a world of inequality.

Death is a fast track to truth. What I mean by that is, experiencing the death of someone or one’s own mortality forces you to either look within for answers to your life and truth. Or you look on the outside for answers and avoid your truth.

I have been watching an interesting television series. It is no coincidence that one of the lead actors resembles my friend on life support. What I found fascinating was a line from the main character, “Truth is found only after we let go of our shame, anger, resentments and regrets.” I would add, otherwise it is only a partial truth viewed through the prism of these emotions and tinged with lies. It isn’t until we let it go absolutely and transcend by whatever means possible before we fully touch our truth. And here’s the rub, it takes a lifetime, however long that is.

For my friend on life support, she found her truth. A lovely, kind soul who will be deeply missed.


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