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Tsunami of Sweat

By August 2, 2020August 5th, 2020No Comments

Move over rainy season, hot season moving in. There is literally no reprieve between when the rainy season ending and the beginning of the hot season. The choir of cicadas signals the beginning of this oppressive time of year.

Growing up in Minnesota my body was never designed to withstand this heat and humidity for long periods of time. Between the Minnesota weather and my Swedish DNA, I was destined to melt like Frosty in these conditions. Adding to this is the problem that I like to exercise, specifically cycle where you’re out one the road anywhere from two to eight hours at at time makes for challenging times.

The only reprieve is the wind from the speeds reached while cycling. Stop moving and a tsunami of sweat pours down your body entering every nook and cranny of your body. Getting back on the bike the wind dries most of the reachable areas, but there are other less accessible body real estate where sweat collects. This is the unpleasant part of cycling. I’ve grown accustom to it, but still does not make it any more pleasurable.

Sitting here as I type a sweat has broken out around my forehead and forearms, two of the more susceptible areas for some reason. I am sure there is a medical reason as to why this body starts sweating in these areas. Even if I were to know the reason it wouldn’t make it any more pleasurable.

Either accept the hot season or I complain. This is my 13th hot season in Japan and my first reaction, complain. Maybe that is what this is. But complaing, getting it out of my system I come accept this reality and make the most of it by spending as much time in the mountains where the temperature while hot, is a bit cooler than Tokyo.

That is what I did today!

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