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Touching Madness

By February 25, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments
Touching Madness

I chose this title in advance of writing today. This has been on my mind as of late. How does one go about touching madness? Just what is madness? Is it a man-made definition about something that simply does not fit in the constructs of the human mind so it is labeled as madness? When in fact it is simply a letting go completely and allowing that which exists within to come forward to be expressed in some form, whether it be a painting, books, a song, or any other myriad of expressions.

Is there a varying degree of letting go to get to that place of madness? Does one tip-toe bit by bit or is it a full run and a jump into the abyss? I know all of this in and of itself sounds like madness, but really these are questions I have.

I also know that this all resides on the inside and cannot really be actuated internally. Or to put it another way not something that is really tangible other than the expression of it on the other side in the form of creation. And even then there is only so much one can glean by the form of expression because it is only being experienced by that individual.

I have always been fascinated with artists and their willingness to let go. Lately I have watched a number of movies and tv shows having to do with artists, singers, comics and painters. Fascinated by the process and how they got to the place of letting go, and finding their voice. Having something to say is one thing and having an audience willing to listen is another.

Then along the way they are given the opportunity for their voice to be heard and expressed, acknowledging to the artist what they are doing is in fact what they are supposed to be doing. This in turn propels them forward to go deeper and create more.

I like the idea of a comic going on stage and just letting it all go, hanging it out there and taking big risks in the hopes of getting laughs. And while at the same time having something meaningful to say. It is truly brilliant.

I love words and love to write. I don’t know how much I have to say, I feel as though I do, and I do know I have a voice. So I continue to write and put it all down while tip-toeing up to the edge of the cliff and jumping into into the abyss of creativity where it all just comes out.

It is not clear, it is not certain, it just is. Being present in the moment letting the words spring forth on the computer screen without a thought in mind. No censoring, just letting it come forth like a well-spring of never-ending water wanting to reach the light of day. No idea, no word, no concept is a bad idea. Judgment is not an option. Ease and commitment is the key.

Where to go next is not known. The experiences of life is being forged into words as a means of expression. Waiting for the next wave to come forth needing to be expressed. What will be said? That is the question.

I write like a sculptor. Put it down, chisel it one word at a time tightening. It always needs more tightening in ways I do not know. Not knowing is the way.

It will be interesting to see how it continues to take shape.

Here I go another step towards madness!

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