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Japan Diary

The Ripple Affect

By March 11, 2019May 9th, 2020No Comments

One of the previous postings on timing connects to an idea that has been on my mind – that is the ripple affect. The obvious image that comes to mind is a stone thrown into the water, and the splash ripples initially into a tight concentric circle little by little expanding outward. I think of our lives in the same way.

The action of one individual has a ripple affect in our world. We may or may not see the outcome of the action, but it has an affect. I think most people are unaware just how much our actions affect one another. A simple act may end up with a dramatic outcome. I am talking decisions we make as we go about our day. For example, a person is walking down the street lost in thought and unaware of their surroundings looking at their smartphone, while another walks in the opposite direction fully conscious of their surroundings and not using a smartphone. As they near one another the one using the smartphone unconsciously moves to the left to avoid the oncoming person not realizing they have put themselves into the street. An oncoming car has to swerve at the last moment to avoid hitting them. The action of the driver to avoid hitting and possibly killing someone spikes their adrenaline which courses through their veins, and in a matter of seconds with an already weakened heart causes a massive heart attack rendering the driver unconscious. The unconscious driver swerves into a concrete wall and comes to a halt. A few blocks away the one pedestrian unaware of what has just happened continues to go about their merry way while the other has stopped to help. Now this example is quite extreme and I am sure it happens countless number of times across the world on any given day.

I remind myself often during the day how decisions do have an impact.

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