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The Other Voice

By January 31, 2020May 21st, 2020No Comments
The Other Voice

Yesterday I posted about discovering a voice. Read it here – VOICE

Today I want to talk about “The Other Voice.” I am hearing the other voice often these days. That is the one from my ego. Sometimes it is loud, other times soft, but it always, if I let it, runs a dialogue in my head. What makes it the voice from my ego? It is judgmental and quick to anger. It is controlling and wanting to take over.

I give it room to do what it does, look at it from a distance, smile and thank it for sharing and being a part of my life. It is part of all of us. So why deny it? By denying it you end up creating more issues and a stronger ego voice. It just needs to come to the fore once in a while and let itself be heard. Nobody said you have to act on it.

People are like that, just wanting to be heard, whether it is their ego speaking or from that place of the heart. It is definitely a different feeling between these two places. The ego is less connected to the emotional life, and tends to hang out in the intellectual territory using justification to sound good. This I know very well.

When speaking (writing too) from the heart people really feel it. There is truth, honesty and an emotional foundation. No agenda, justification or rationalization.

I am coming to a conclusion that many people are just not connected to their voice in that heartfelt way. Many people say, “This is the way I am and cannot do anything about it. I have no choice.” In Japanese there is a word for this, “Shouganai,” meaning no choice. As in, I have no choice in the matter. This attitude removes one from taking responsibility to change, to let go of ego and learn to be in that place of the heart. It takes work, courage, patience and a willingness to confront the darkness and issues of our lives in order to make room to go there.

While I may no longer be acting and using my voice in the same way I experienced during the voice workshops I wrote about from my previous post, I have gotten in touch with the voice in a different way through words, the words you are reading now.

I write, put it out there and what happens after that is beyond me.

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