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Minnesota Musings

The Funniness of People

By December 4, 2020No Comments

People are funny, then they aren’t and then it’s tragic.

I am not a fan of Starbucks, but on occasion when I want to mix things up, I’ll bring myself to go to the local one near my train station and part with 500 yen, (that’s five bucks) get a soy latte, sit outside to write and people watch.

I have always enjoyed people watching. I used to spend hours at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village watching the many cast of characters traipsing through the park displaying their true colors.

I find that I get inspired by just about anything these days. Sitting just outside the train station entrance people are constantly coming and going. While writing, I take breaks and observe as the hurriedly rush to make their train or returning from wherever it is they’ve been. Sometimes I don’t even need to observe, they just come and sit nearby.

On this occasion it wasn’t so much the woman’s outward appearance, in fact I barely noticed her as she sat down at the table next to me. Rather it was the vibe she put off that I picked up on the minute she sat down. See “Kuuki”

This vibe was a strange feeling causing a tickle on the inside and an outward chuckle, “The Funniness of People.”

It’s easy to see the problems in people. If I don’t find humor I would end up on the opposite end of the spectrum. It can be a burden, this “Kuuki” thing. I find that I have to turn it off on occasion or I would go crazy.

It may be too late.

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