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NEWSFLASH: Soul Stenographers Update

By January 4, 2021No Comments

NEWS FLASH: An updated post – Read on if ya wanna read about some recent revelations concerning words!

Lying low going on two (now four) weeks, it wasn’t difficult to transition to spending time alone, laying off social media and any extraneous interactions with the outside world. Other than time with family, teaching and occasional calls from a few close friends, it continues to be exactly what is needed, even during the holidays.

With all this quiet time on my hands, what I thought would be continuous thoughts coming and going has turned out to be the opposite and less thoughts. I feared there would no longer be any words to string together.

For the longest time I thought words only came from the mind. I am now coming to a realization that when quiet and still enough words come from an unknown place. Once they hit the light of day, also known as consciousness, this is when those soul stenographers do their job putting letters to words, to sentences and meaning.

Stepping into a bookstore I’m hit with the realization that there are a lot of words out there. Thinking of all the millions of words people have strung together over the centuries, I wonder when if someday it will come to an end? Is it possible that there will come a time when everything that need be said will be?

I bring this up after watching a YouTube video from a “spiritual teacher” by the name of Eckhart Tolle. (I hesitate to use this label, something he doesn’t consider himself to be.) During this talk he mentions that humans are in the process of evolving beyond doing and into be-ing. And words, from an ego-ic sense (that is the intellect or mind) can no longer be refined. In essence, what more can be said that hasn’t been said–intellectually speaking.

Having had this realization, after reading over the blog posts written over the last two years, I can now tell the difference. I doubt my ability at times that any new ideas to write about will ever come. In the end, something inevitably rises to the surface, and it is there where I find that words will never stop.

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