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Small Minded Titans of Industry – Part I

By February 8, 2021February 15th, 2021One Comment

Now don’t be getting sold a bill of goods. Those so-called titans of industry have all kinds of credentials to back up their titles and justify salaries. Intelligence is not akin to wisdom. Of course, I wouldn’t make this claim without basing it on personal experience.

Post failed dream, the remainder of my time spent in New York City was working for a large advertising agency catering to corporate America. Prior to that in Minneapolis, I chose to work for small to medium size companies. Upon reflection, this was remnants of my punk rock ethos and not wanting to sell out to the “Man.” Having not had that experience for working for a corporation and in need of a job at the time, the answer was a resounding, “What the hell, why not?”

Reaching this conclusion was part of a longer story of a failed dream of wanting to be a working actor, (that is someone who actually makes a living doing it). After this shattering dream experience, I no longer needed to be living in NYC. Within a month’s time of this realization, I gave up the lease on my Greenwich Village apartment, packed my bags and boarded a train at Grand Central station bound for Montpelier, Vermont. I chose Vermont simply because I had been there a few times to visit friends and it seemed like a nice place to live.

Montpelier, for those that don’t know is a quaint town nestled in the blue mountains of Vermont. When evening rolls around there is not much to do. Unlike NYC where you can walk out your door get a power surge of energy and hit a local restaurant, catch a Broadway show or simply sit on the stoop and watch the drama of human nature unfold. Montpelier offers nature of the natural kind and something I was not accustomed to.

With the energy of New York still coursing through my veins, within the first few weeks upon arrival in Montpelier I made it happen and got myself a two-bedroom apartment, an old blue station wagon (make and model escapes me) and even a part-time job at the local inn.

One night after working at the inn, I came home and plopped down on the couch. Wanting to turn on a TV to drown out the silence, I couldn’t–I didn’t have one. In fact, I didn’t have much to distract me. So accustomed to the sounds of the city, silence was foreign to my ears.

Sitting in the now darkening apartment, it hit me, and through a river of running tears streaming to the floor, “I missed NYC terribly,” followed by the thought, “What the fuck did I do?” You see I made a rash decision without talking to anyone. Thinking I alone know best, I made this choice only to realize that it was a mistake. While not life threatening, definitely life changing, and something that could be rectified.

How this connects to those small minded Titans of Industry you might be wondering? Read Part II:

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