Short Stories

tokyoliving123-How Not to Make Wyatt Earp ProudShort Stories
May 30, 2020

How Not To Make Wyatt Earp Proud

High noon Tokyo, two men fifty paces stare each other down like a scene from the shoot out at the OK Corral. One dressed in…
Minnesota MusingsShort Stories
May 29, 2020

Combating Global Warming Before It Was Fashionable

The topic of global warming came to me during an early morning bike ride along the trustworthy Tamagawa River. Tucked in behind a not-so-powerful moped…
tokyoliving123-Let There Be Even More BloodShort Stories
May 25, 2020

Let There Be More Blood – a revision

Just for the hell of it I decided to revise a story I wrote over a year ago titled, "Let There Be More Blood." A…
Short Stories
February 28, 2019

Let There Be More Blood

Bodies strewn about writhing in pain, with blood splatter canvasing the ice like a Jackson Pollock painting, ladies and gentleman it's broomball! Once a week…

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