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Settled In?

By April 21, 2020May 21st, 2020No Comments

Life under the pandemic is settling down a bit now that there is some clarity about what to do and how to protect oneself. Easily staying home and distancing oneself is the ideal way. However, I like to go out, so I always wear a mask and wash hands regularly.

Thankfully I am a university teacher (online now) and a writer both of which are lonely endeavors. I am also a cyclist and can go out alone, which I have been doing as from my previous blog – After a Ride. I am accustomed to being alone, not a big stretch.

Whenever I need my social hit I hang out with my son, make FaceTime calls to family members or simply send a text to the list of friends I have on LINE, Facebook or Twitter. While SNS is not the same as personal contact, it is less risky during this time.

I am not so concerned with getting the virus, the chances are slim, slimmer if one plays it safe following the suggested instructions. I am not one to listen to authority, a throwback to my punk rock days, but in this case there are enough experts chiming in that has made it clear what we as individuals need to do.

For many it is a big adjustment, and in the country where I was born they are now defying these orders and demanding to go back to work. I get it, but best to wait a bit longer.

I know from experience whenever there were big changes being asked of me, I had a choice as to how I wanted to respond. Many don’t respond well to being told what to do or to change. In this case, you can see it is now a bother and inconvenience causing angry responses. being told what to do or change. In this case, it you can see it is now a bother and inconvenience causing angry and agitated responses.

Personally, this as an opportunity to experience something I haven’t ever experienced and simply accept that this is reality. The sooner the acceptance the less the suffering. By the way, anger is a form of suffering.

I prefer to air on the side of seeing this as an opportunity. I have been able to write more, read books, go out on long bike rides, do other types of exercise and continue to eat healthy and meditate. Basically, more of the same.

It is a time to reflect and assess life. Are there changes that are neglected? I know that I have procrastinated on a few items in my life. Now I get a chance to do them.

I’ve settled in for the long haul.

What are you doing with your time ?
(Comment below. I’d like to hear how you are settling in.)

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