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Saying and doing

By February 26, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments
Saying and doing

Saying and doing are two very different things, yes they are. Of course they are and yet we all say something and do not really do it.

These days I do the things that I say far more than when I was younger. I think this is connected to integrity, trust and age. If I say something you can trust I will do it. Reliability is another word that comes to mind. Being one of those people you can rely on. I will be there for you. Again something I am more adept at than in my youth.

I used to give lip service to just about every aspect of my life. Looking back it is any wonder I had any friends at all during that time. Then again I think we were all the same. Or at the very least this was the kind of people I hung out with – a lot like me.

I am not sure. I may have just been one of those people that do not do what they say and people just put up with it. Ahhh that’s just AL, (they used to call me AL in those days) he does that all the time. If that is the case, I apologize to those that I did that to. I know there were many out there.

I still have it inside me. There are times that I make plans and then want to get out of it. On occasion I do in fact do that.

Cultivating integrity, trust and reliability is important in my life. I am not perfect and strive each and every day.

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