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Minnesota Musings

Random Rant

By April 30, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments

I trust my instinct and act on it. Meeting someone on a random corner at a random time last week turned into a nice bike ride with this person that I had wanted to meet. I don’t profess to know what kind of relationship it will be, if any at all, but he is a nice guy and we had a good conversation while cycling along the river.

Acting and trusting instincts is a gift meant to be honed. Trusting what comes out, trusting that feeling, trusting trusting trusting. The more I trust my instinct the more I am comfortable trusting it.


Experience, failing and learning over time. Experience, gaining a modicum of clarity. Experience, dealing with personal issues so that when that instinctual nudge comes it becomes familiar. Experience, feeling your way in the dark knowing the light will come.


Know inherently living a life of insecurity is surrendering to something much larger. With surrender comes power, true power, true nature, true being. Being is presence, presence is power. Not tied to the past or wound up in a knot so tight that it is nearly impossible to untangle. Resulting in everything seen and done out of habit and a narrowly defined prism of one’s psyche.


Living in the now, the moment, the being with what is in front of me is the way to do be. Things come together. Ready for whatever will be coming my way.


Life is timing and timing is what it will be when things are ready to come together. Confluence one into one author, cyclist, teacher, lover, father and more …

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