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A recent revelation, “No big deal.” No big deal in the sense that I do not have to make a big deal out anything if I choose not to. Just be aware, acknowledge, and move on.

I used to make a big deal out of just about anything, whether it was someone cutting me off on the road while driving, to politically charged issues or even getting overcharged at a store. Just about anything set me off. The reality these kinds of things happen and I have a choice as to how to respond.

It is in this spirit that I acknowledge that living a life of discipline, meditation, mindfulness whatever you would like to call has made even epiphanies that come my way no longer a big deal.

One such recent epiphany came to me while listening to a podcast about lying, any type of lying big lies to white lies. After listening to the podcast, I made a personal pledge to no longer lie and being mindful when the desire to lie arises. After making the pledge something happened. I heard truth everywhere, well that and lies.

The best example of truth was reflected in a few TV shows of all things. The first one, “After Life,” a brilliant, heartfelt comedy show written by and starring Ricky Gervais. Prior to this show, while I knew he was funny and had a stellar career, I never really followed his trajectory towards stardom. Nor did I know he has a big inclusive heart that speaks truth and emanating from the screen in his acting.

The other show I will briefly mention is a politically charged, but balanced show called “Fauda”about the Palestine/Israel situation. Always skeptical about shows like this, I was blown away (pun intended) by the truthful balanced perspective on both sides of the issue. The heartbreaking stories are truthful from the perspective of relationships.

I like the phrase “being a good person doesn’t mean you have to put up with the bad,” and believe this to be true. I am finding myself less inclined to read the news and getting caught up in self created dramas where people end up making it a bigger and might I add complicated deal out of something that can be so easy.

One such issue, masks. Why is it that something proven, simple and used all over the world has to be so contentious in countries like the US? What is it with a certain swath of Americans who refuse this simple request and something meant to protect one another? It baffles me when I see 100% of the Japanese wearing masks and not making any sort of big deal out of it.

Whether that swath of the American population is willing to admit it or not, they are a big part of the problem and why the country is #1 for you know what.

It is because they made something so simple into a big deal.

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