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Mind Blown! We Are Not Alone?

By July 29, 2020August 3rd, 2020No Comments

I am going in a completely different direction with this latest post and head straight for the stars.

First let me preface what I am about to write about – I have never really believed in UFOs, even though I had some sort of strange encounter as a young boy. I will say that I do not, not believe in UFOs. I take the middle ground if there is one with this topic. Maybe a better way to put it is I have a passing interest. Wait an even better way to say it, I am a realist as in show me proof.

The closest I have come to proof with UFOs are two recently viewed Joe Rogan YouTube video interviews. One with Bob Lazar who worked in a section of Area 51 in the 1980s. During his short tenure he worked on a certain segment of the alien program. Rather than go into details it’s best you take the time to watch the 2 plus hours if you are interested. This first video was done over a year ago coinciding with the release of a documentary featuring Bob Lazar.

There is a more recent video, as of this posting, two weeks ago with Joe Rogan interviewing the top journalist in the UFO world George Knapp. This one is even more fascinating because George is like a portal (pun intended) having disseminated thirty plus years of research, interviews and information related to UFOs.

While Bob had to reach back in time thirty years to try and remember details, George is clear and lucid. As I am listening, the implications of this possible reality sinks in. But you gotta show me the proof! Still it doesn’t take away the fact that we may not be alone.

If you take the time to watch both videos you will see the way in which they approach the subject with scrutiny, facts, speculation and doubt. This is what won me over and got me to move a little closer to a reality.

Changing course for a paragraph, if you think about the leaps we have taken with technology in such a short period of time, it boggles the mind. I am from an era when cell phones were first introduced and the internet didn’t exist. I have a perspective that many young people do not. They grew up with it and take it for granted. I am amazed daily with the power at my fingertips. What I am able to do in a matter of seconds took hours if not days, if not at all not much more than ten years ago.

I have heard Elon Musk on another Joe Rogan video say, “We are in the early stages of being AI robots.” If you think about the smartphone being an extension of our bodies and the power it wields it makes sense this is the direction we are headed whether we like it or not.

Lazar, Knapp and Rogan speculated near the end of the two interviews, who is it that is really running the show. I know this sounds absolutely far fetched, but what if there is someone running the show that is so far technologically advanced beyond our limited brain capacity. Let that sink in just for a few moments. Maybe your wall of doubt crumbles just a little?

Then to add more concrete evidence recent articles came out in of all places The NY Times about the government essentially admitting there has been and continues to be a program studying UFOs.

May 26, 2020, NY Times

July 23, 2020 NY Times

July 26, 2020 NY Times

None of this has ever been made public to this extent before. While the information is sparse, the question arises why have they been lying and waiting for so long, if this is in fact true? My answer initially, because it is all about timing. Life is timing. And to have put forth all the information it would be too difficult for most people to handle. Think how society is handling the pandemic we are in. Can you just imagine the response to definitive alien proof?

Another point of view as to why the government has gone somewhat public is that the evidence has been building thanks to Bob Lazar and others having laid the groundwork along with the increasing number of sightings not only by the public, but more importantly the military.

Going back to part of the title, “We Are Not Alone?” In my mind the jury is still out, but we will know when we know. And how we deal with this if it becomes a reality will be interesting to both experience and observe.

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