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Growing up I was very sensitive. I used to take things so personally. In hindsight I had a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. Anything bad that was said about me whether in jest or for real I nearly always took it to heart. It took a long time to realize that being sensitive is a good trait.

After that realization for decades I was fond of saying that it has been about separating the head and the heart. The head is my intellect and I can justify anything I want. The heart is where the truth lies.

While this may have been my mantra and objective to achieve separation and to be able to discern the difference, I am now realizing it is time meld them together.

It could be that the heart / head separation was really first half of life speak, whereas melding is the second half of life, post mid-life to put in another way. Perhaps a modicum of wisdom.

I am reminded of this by a podcast I recently listened to with Sam Harris and oddly enough he was interviewing his wife. The main focus was about being conscious, free will and the self. I find it interesting to make this connection from those three to the idea of melding. The connection didn’t come in the topics themselves, rather from the two of them talking to one another.

Here are two very intelligent people with PhDs a spiritual practice of mindfulness meditation speaking intellectually from the heart. Clearly a melding of the two. How do I know that? Because of the way in which they spoke about intellectual topics as being spiritual.

I believe that it would be a very different feeling if it were just intellectual, which I have heard on other Sam Harris’ podcast while interviewing a very intelligent man who had no spiritual practice. In fact, Sam spent part of the podcast schooling him on the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice. Whether he took Sam up on it or not I have not heard.

I am now mindful of the intellect and heart knowing there was separation and now a melding.

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