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Minnesota Musings

Love Life and Timing

I like to start my posts with a story based on experience connecting and letting it influence my writing. Today, Saturday, July 4th 2020, my son and I spent a lazy rainy Saturday morning sleeping in. Upon awaking we decided to watch YouTube. These days we are into watching Dude Perfect and Andy Anderson skateboard videos. We were getting bored and decided to try a new skateboarder, a guy by the name of Bob Burnquist. He is the world’s greatest big air skateboarder. Rather that describe what he does with words, it is best to be seen.

Watching Bob skate is magical. There is something so effortless in the way he skates. We watched a few vids and came across a short documentary on his coming into his own and becoming the best in the world. Bob is now in his 40s, and the interviewer was asking him to reflect on his life as a skateboarder. And this is where what he said really struck a chord, “Love what you do. Try it. Go for it. And if you don’t love it try something else.” As he was saying this he started to get choked up with emotions. It was emanating off the screen and my son and I started to feel what he was saying.

I used to be a skateboarder, my son has been for a few years on and off. It’s ironic that my topic is about “Love Life and Timing.” Skateboarders love life when skating, and it is all about timing, and balance.

Life is also about timing. I have written about timing on many occasions. In fact, I am a really big fan of timing. I find it fascinating, especially when I am really tuned in and riding a wave of moment-to-moment living.

You can really shape things when you are aware of timing knowing that freedom is having the choice to make. But sometimes life just puts something in front of you, and the timing is perfect, really perfect! (See Bob’s vid for that one) Life intersects at just the right time the exact way it is supposed to trusting the experience and yet not knowing how it will work out in the end.

This is how love is forged. And really in the end isn’t that what it is really all about? Starting from a place of love is really where love for life begins. Love for life, love for others, love of experience. Trust when to go for it when the opportunity to experience is put in front of you.

As I started to reflect on my own life, there has been much to love about it. One thing that is consistent and clear, it is all the experiences I have had that has allowed me to find out what it is I love.

I am glad my son and I experienced this moment together on this rainy Saturday morning. I made a pledge long ago that I would give him as many life experiences as possible and in time he will find what he loves to do.

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