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Life with Tech (Update)

By February 1, 2021No Comments

NOTE: An oldie but updated goodie.

University tests complete, grades submitted, winter vacation begins. No time to waste.

Enjoy, create, simplify and support.

I had a realization, while walking home from the local grocery store. Accepting and embracing technology can simplify life without being addicted.

Let’s see how this is done.

First, I awaken to the sounds of birds chirping. Not from outside my home, rather the alarm clock app on my smartphone. Upon waking I use a meditation app for the morning meditation.

This is followed by breakfast while online perusing the morning news from around the world.

Next, I pull out my iPad, open up the kindle and read a book for a better part of the morning. Then I hop on the bike, but not before turning on the Strava app that tracks mileage and calories burned.

Returning home after a few hours I am famished and walk to the grocery store to pick up food. I pay for the food no longer with cash, rather an online app called PayPay, not to be confused with PayPal.

Walking home from the grocery store I am again struck with the realization – “I live a technologically integrated, simplified, stress-free life.”

Arriving home and unloading my groceries it is nearly time for a thrice weekly Zoom call with my Mom who lives halfway across the world in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During the call, besides getting caught up on the week’s events on both sides of the world, I tell her of my realization of a simple, utopian-like lifestyle supported by technology. She both understood and didn’t. I get it, she is of a generation that technology tends to burdensome. I wouldn’t say she has embraced tech, but she sure has gotten a handle on it.

If you were to ask me a few years ago if I zoom my mom, I might have punched you in the face. Zooming!? What the hell is Zooming!?

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