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Japan Diary

Life. Change.

By March 30, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments
Life change

I have so much bubbling inside of me these days. I don’t know if people even take the time to read what I have written. Maybe one day they will look back and read. Or as one of my favorite punk bands lyrics, “One day we will all look back and laugh.” Is that even possible after many lives are lost because our priorities have been so skewed?

I continue to write my feelings and thoughts on the situation knowing that death is a part of this. Knowing that lives will be lost, whether because of the ineptitude of government or just simply living out the days of our lives until it is simply time to go.

I don’t know, nor do I profess to know how any of this will play out. With each passing hour things change. That is life. Life has always been that. This disease, that moves at breakneck speed is highlighting the fact that life is change. That is not to assume that change is positive or negative, change is change.

In the context in which we are living, change leans towards the darker side of life. It is change nonetheless. Our problem, we have held on far too tightly trying to keep change at bay. To maintain our status quo has been detrimental in so many ways. We are seeing the results of our holding on for too long.

People respond in a myriad of ways to what is happening worldwide. Some turn to religion, others rise to the occasion to lend a hand, even taking risks to their own lives, including those on the front lines. Others prefer to place blame, deservedly or not, instead of dealing with the reality at hand. Others problem solve. Others isolate.

There are others that try and find ways to deny the reality, whether it is to binge watch, overeat, drink or the many other forms of escape. While this may be an alright strategy in the short-term, it is perpetuating the status quo and not admitting or allowing the reality that life is change.

The beauty of the internet, I get to read news from all over the world. I gain insight on how countries are dealing with these challenges, and changes being thrust upon people. My focus is on Japan, my home for many years, and also the United States where my family lives. I am concerned for both for different reasons, but with the same actors – the government and its politicians. It has become abundantly clear that the US federal government has failed its people. I won’t go into the reasons, we all know why. What is also clear is that there are people losing their lives unnecessarily.

In Japan, it has been about saving face due to the upcoming Olympics. In addition, an assumption that the way in which the culture encourages face mask wearing, hygiene and bowing instead of handshaking has allowed Japan to “dodge a bullet.” At what cost? Complacency. People had been going about their lives, despite the warning from the government to remain indoors and work from home. This is their way of denying change. We may see the result of this in the coming weeks. I don’t hope for the worse.

I am not in the game of fortune telling and try and live in the now knowing that with each passing moment life is change.

Wrap your head around that!

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