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Just the Right Time

By May 13, 2020May 20th, 2020No Comments

People come along in life at just the right time. I am on the train debating whether to listen to the new Liam Gallagher album again, which I really like or a new WTF podcast with Edward Norton who I like as an actor and happens to be connected in an odd way to my family in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He is a very intelligent thoughtful person. and chose Norton. What he had to during the interview I could resonate with.

In short, people come along who have profound changes on the culture just by what they have to say, whether a musician like Dylan or an actor like Brando. Their contributions caused monumental cultural shifts. And they did it on their own terms. They held on to their truth and voice no matter what. In the case of Dylan, people constantly prodded ed him for the exact meaning and interpretation of his lyrics. He would have none of it refusing to be pinned down.

Depending upon the genre, it is up to the listener, viewer or reader to bring their own experience to it and thus find personal meaning and connection. To interpret art for others is an injustice to the art they are creating. I have always said about my writing, take the actions by doing the work and letting go of the results. This is what I have done and will continue to do as I continue revising my book and post blogs.

I had a friend ask me just today whether a topic he wanted to write about would be offensive. My reply, if it inspires you to write and you want to say it, as an artist it doesn’t matter whether offensive or not. We cannot control how others will respond. In that same vein I will never apologize or specifically interpret and explain something serving it up on a platter. I went on to suggest that by just putting it out there people will find their own connection or not.

Art is observing, experiencing, living and letting it all come through as it takes form as words. In my case, I am realizing as I look over my body of work I tend toward the critical these days.

When someone like Norton comes along and brings to the fore the same thoughts I have had and reminding me, I am now reminding you.

I recently watched a Norton written, directed and acted film called, “Motherless Brooklyn.” I highly recommend it.

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