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Minnesota Musings

Inclusive Reminder

By July 27, 2020No Comments

I want to fess up to something. I originally posted a longer version of this last year. With so much going in the world it felt like it needed to get out there again as a reminder.

Inclusive. I like this word. The image I get someone standing with open arms letting it all in.

Inclusive bedfellow to the word support. And right now we all need it. Need one another more than ever.

With social media, media in general and all the challenges we are facing it is so easy to go to the opposite and exclusive.

We are living in a polarized world and yet it’s more important than ever that we support one another along the way. Life is hard and we cannot do it alone.

Being inclusive is welcoming with open arms. People are not the enemy.

If we don’t have each other what else is there?

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