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I’m Just Warming Up

By February 17, 2019May 20th, 2020No Comments

From this point on the content I will be posting will be either warm up writings as preparation I do before writing my book or excerpts from my book. My goal has been to write a little bit of the book everyday so as to build momentum, which I have been doing. While doing this, it suddenly occurred to me that we all need to warm up in some form or another.

Like an athlete one has to warm up before things really get rockin and rollin. I feel that when I first begin to run, cycle or lift weights at the gym, warming up is essential. But we also warm up in our lives. We warm up when we wake up. It takes a bit before things get moving, creaks, groans and pain, that is for someone in their 50s. We need it for using language as well so that our brains can make the connections and after the synapses begin to fire. I am talking about a 2nd language, our first language, maybe as well. So why would it be any different for writing or anything else for that matter.

I think of it as one of the universal truths in life. Warm up! It’s as simple as that. Warming up is part of life. I said this before, but wrote it in a slightly different manner so you will remember this truth. This main truth many people overlook it seems and just dive right in. And when things don’t flow smoothly they get frustrated and wonder why they feel a certain way and not the way they expected. Consequently they just give up.

Come to think of it even meditation requires a warm up period. As I sit on my cushion every evening and morning I notice a sense of needing that time and space for things to just warm up. Funny to think of warming up with meditation when all you are doing is just sitting there. But it’s true!

I am not a chef, far from it, best I can do and to this day still impresses my son, is make toast, bacon and pour a mean mugicha! (Japanese barley tea) But I bet chefs need time to warm up. I am not talking prep time, although I imagine some of them use that time as a means of warming up. I am sure when that first order comes in it is not nearly as good as the middle or last order of the night. That first or even second order is a warm up. After that things really get cooking. That’s when the flavors jump out. So next time you are at a restaurant and your meal arrives and does not quite taste as good as you expected, rather than just complain and send it back, ask your wait-staff when the chef started his or her shift. You will know based on the start time whether your meal was part of their warming up period or not. And if it was, then I would send the order back and ask if it can be prepared by the chef who is in the middle of or ending their shift so you can get the most flavorful meal you came to expect. Or if you have time on your hands, just order a coffee, wait fifteen minutes (warm ups usually take that much time, give or take a few minutes, except in life, which actually takes decades) and re-order your meal from the same chef. I guarantee the taste will be different than your first order or your money back.

How little did we know that warming up is such a big part of life? I would even venture to say that we have a warm up period during our lifetime. Think about it. I don’t recall ever hitting the pavement running right out of the womb. Do you? Can you imagine, if we didn’t have a period of warm up and all of those little bambinos right out of the gate running around what kind of worldwide chaos would ensue?

As I reflect on my younger days, even in my 20s and 30s it still felt like I was warming up. Of course I was on two feet and able to run around, but it took until I was in my 40s to finally feel like the warm up period of life was over. Maybe I needed more time than others to reach that point, I don’t know I ‘ve never spoken about this topic with anyone before.

How are we to judge just when the warm up period of our life ends and the actual event of life begins? Do we base it on our careers, marriage, children, bank account and possessions? Is maturity evidence of the warm up period being over? If that’s true, I have met a lot of people who are still warming up.

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