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Minnesota Musings

I Prefer Dawdle

By June 28, 2020No Comments

I prefer the word dawdle to procrastinate even though they pretty much mean the same thing. Dawdle is more enjoyable to say. I also think that using the word procrastinate has a more serious connotation.

I don’t know what it is about people who procrastinate. If there are serious deadlines or meetings to attend, why is it that they do something up until the last minute or hurry as fast as they can to make it to a place on time? Many use the argument, “I work better under pressure.” That is a cop out not wanting to make the necessary changes in order to go about something in a slow, conscious and detailed way. Really they are accustomed to this feeling and it has become nothing more than a habit. I am of course speaking from experience.

For the longest time I did so many things in life in a “half-assed” manner. I just did it to get it done without putting any conscious thought to it. Or I would override that feeling of what I wrote about earlier, timing. That sense that I need to start earlier to make it on time. Instead I would go about my leisurely pace end up running late and feeling stressed just to make it on time and making people wait for me. I learned some hard lessons back in the day. But I made adjustments and procrastination happens far less.

I didn’t write yesterday. I could have had I put my foot down and made some decisions to cut people off early so that I had time to. It did however feel important that I allow time to spend with family and friends and do a little dawdling not procrastinating.

I think it is okay to be flexible on occasion to allow some days not to write. It was an odd, edgy feeling throughout the day knowing in the back of my mind lurking words wanting to find their place on the page.

I am fortunate with the gift of discipline. With this firmly in place I find that even though I can still find ways to dawdle, it does not go on for too long as I feel the tension to write mounting inside.

Incidentally, besides spending time with family and friends, I spent a good part of that time not dawdling rather watching a very interesting YouTube video with Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein. If you don’t know either of them, click on either of their names above, google them or simply watch the video.

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