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I am not a big fan of New Years. To be honest every day is a new day and do not need to expand it beyond anything more than that. A year sheesh! That’s a lot of pressure. What if you get it wrong that year and it didn’t go as planned? How do you come back from a lost year? Whereas a day if it does not go well there’s always tomorrow. It doesn’t quite sound right saying, well there’s always next year. And besides that, what’s with the happy at the beginning. Is being happy a prerequisite for the upcoming year? If so, that’s a lot of pressure. I bet at the end of 2019 coming into 2020 saying happy before new year little did we know it would end up being the opposite thanks to Covid. I propose we drop the happy and just say new year! That way there is no underlying pressure to be happy. Whether happy comes or not you can just be.

Lots of sadness these last few years. Some of it came about naturally and most manufactured by the way people act towards one another. Not sure very many people lived up to the happy part of new year. Happiness comes by living in such a way that is congruent with nature and one’s own connection to it. Not to mention happiness comes and goes based on one’s alignment with one’s own nature. A good number of you are not happy you are just acting that way putting on a good face and posting photos to prove it.

I will tell you what makes me happy. A good cup of coffee the first thing in the morning. Strike the good part. A first cup of morning coffee. Music. Any depending upon my mood. The feeling of warmth from the sun on a crisp morning. Sitting outside on said morning with said sun writing with that first cup of morning coffee. Hanging out with my son no matter his mood. I just love the little feller no matter what. He makes me happy. The feeling of accomplishment of completing my book after four years of writing and editing. Shameless plug now – Paperback and e-book this year. Buying it will make me happy. Meeting friends for a bike ride and afterward ending up at our local coffee shop for post-ride conversation about anything. The last class of the semester knowing I have a two plus month vacation ahead of me. A fine piece of sushi, preferably fatty tuna that melts in your mouth like butter. I know enough only to eat two or else it loses its novelty. I do not take fatty tuna for granted.

In fact, I take very little for granted these days. My days are numbered and never know when it will all come to an end. These last few years are a reminder as we all know. I am simply happy just waking up knowing I didn’t die in my sleep. And if I did die, well I wouldn’t mind knowing that I was happy when I went to sleep.

Come to think of it, Happy New Year is an appropriate phrase to say at the beginning of the year. Just don’t forget that it is still one day at a time that gets you there. So, let’s all wake up saying Happy New Day until the next year comes along.

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