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The path we walk while wide early in life tends to narrow as we age. It may be our lot in life depending upon how one approaches it; Friends fall away, routines and habits take over and thinking narrows. For others it’s like a bobber at sea flitting from one thing to another never really satisfied.

Or you can be engaged in life making conscious choices trying, risking and changing until what was once a wide path narrows as you become more the person you are meant to be creating the the life you want to live.

This is where the narrow path benefits our lives if you heed the call doing what you are meant to be doing. To get there one must first walk this lonely narrow path learning, experiencing and readying for the world to open. Not easy, but there comes a place and time where what was once narrow widens to an ever expansiveness. A world of freedom and possibilities. A world of participation, service and love.

While I walk this path now I don’t profess to know were it will lead, but once I am there I will know I am home by a familiar feeling that I knew all along existed inside.

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