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For some reason I do my best thinking when I am on my bike. I think it is the feeling of the wind, open spaces, mountain views, and the river that sets up the atmosphere for ideas to flow.

So, I was out on a bike ride to decompress from zoom classes and staring at the computer screen all day, no strike that, all week, I was pondering life, as I am so fond of doing since reaching and passing the middle age mark. What was it I was pondering? Gravy. You know the thick as oil gravy we drench our turkey and mash potatoes with during Thanksgiving. Okay, no it was not that gravy. I just happen to be writing this around dinner time and hadn’t eaten after returning from that life pondering bike ride.

What I was thinking about was this life and from now on out “It’s all gravy.” What do I mean by that? The origin of the saying “It’s All Gravy” goes back to an old English phrase, “Life is meat and potatoes, and the luxuries of life are gravy.”

Essentially this life from now on out is all gravy. I have lived an incredibly experienced filled life of dark and light periods, ups, downs, successes, failures, risks, tumultuous and quiet periods. I now live a simple life within the chaos of the world around me. I rarely get stressed, angry or overly emotional. I am by no stretch of the imagination wealthy, own very little and have no debt.

If I were to die today I would be content with the life I have lived up to this point. My one and only regret if that were to happen, I wouldn’t get a chance to watch my favorite person in the whole wide world, my son grow up. Other than that I harbor no grudges or resentments, I have very few enemies that I know of. I have loved and lost and love again. The flame of passion still burns within. The creativity that came to me late in life still flows, sometimes at a trickle other times like a gushing river. When that happens I hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride. I have very little vices except for coffee. I am blessed and cursed with discipline.

While I have all of this I know in my heart it can all be taken away in an instant. I rarely take a day above ground or my health for granted. I eat well, weigh close to my high school weight, exercise daily and have a varied social life. I enjoy solitude and need it to re-energize. I love the job that I do and plan to do it until they have to strap me to a gurney and wheel me out of the classroom.

If this seems like a rosy picture to you it is, now. That is not to say I haven’t experienced the darkness of life. I have had plenty of it throughout my life. But it is out of the darkness that comes this gratitude I write about and why from now on out it’s all gravy, baby!

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