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Japan Diary


By August 23, 2020No Comments
tokyoliving123-Now For Someting Completely Different

As you know by now I bicycle a lot. Usually 5-6 times per week. My routes are anywhere from 40km – 200km (25 – 125 miles) or more.

I used to be a semi-professional bike racer back in the day (late 80s early 90s). While I enjoyed the life of competition and winning, I eventually had to grow up and get a “job.” I gave up cycling for a very long time and have since rediscovered it again in Japan about seven years ago.

I had already been living in Japan six years up until that time. The timing couldn’t have been better. I was at a point in my life here that I wanted more. What first started out as commuting one hour each way back and forth to the university to teach, turned into a new passion and wanting to discover Japan in a new way–atop my bike.

It is truly like rediscovering Japan again. Getting to experience Japan from my bike is amazing with as you have now seen all the scenes and beauty of this country. I have just scratched the surface with these videos and will be posting more and more as time goes on for you to enjoy.

And maybe someday you will have the chance to come and experience Japan atop a bicycle as well. You now have a tour guide.

In the meantime enjoy the video from this morning, August 23rd, 2020 at 7:30 am of a grape farm.

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