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Going Through Life Sideways

By January 18, 2021No Comments

Two things I’ve always wanted to try. The first has to do with social media, email and texting. For one full week I would like to not fix the errors that auto-correct gives me whenever I make an error and send it off without explanation. Will I lose friends? Will people question what I wrote? Do people even read what I wrote? Who is really paying attention?

The other thing I’d like to do is to go through life sideways for one day. Literally sideways! Walking among throngs of people during a Tokyo rush hour I’d blend in. Anytime on my own walking down the street sideways, blending in is not an option. I wonder what people would think? Crazy foreigner? Looks like fun I want to try?

I’m sure the next day I’d be sore from having activated parts of my leg and hip muscles that I never use. At first it may be difficult not walking “normal.” What is normal anyway? What if everyone walked sideways and the odd person walked straight ahead? That reminds me of a sketch from the great British comedy troupe “Monty Python,” titled “Ministry of Silly Walks.” No need to say anything, just watch it.

On occasion, I find taking myself too seriously gets in the way of enjoying life. Easy to get caught up in the negative during these difficult times. By shaking things up it’s easier to move beyond the seriousness.

So let’s all get out there and walk silly. I for one am going sideways! And if you receive a text from me that makes no sense whatsoever, just know that I’m shaking it up.

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