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Minnesota Musings


By April 17, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments

Today is like every other day these days. They all flow one into the other. Doesn’t take long to get into the groove. I wonder if this is really the way it is supposed to be? That life is closer to the image of a river. People talk about “flow.” My definition of flow is being in the groove doing what must be done in that moment.

Flow is used most often in reference to athletics. Like that pitcher is in the flow, he just struck out eight batters in a row. Or the soccer team is working so well together they are in the flow and unstoppable. I say flow is not exclusive to athletics. It can be referred to in anything you may be doing in life. I am writing for example right now. Am I in the flow? Certainly, as I am only writing and letting the words come up and reveal themselves in the moment. I wouldn’t be in the flow if I were thinking about wanting to eat that peanut butter sandwich I bought earlier in the day. Which incidentally, I was out of the flow for a few moments because I was in fact thinking of the sandwich. But I returned to the flow rather quickly.

Flow can even be related to something as mundane as washing dishes. Think about it, with the flow of water washing over the dishes as you wipe the dirt away. I wonder if it is easier to get in the flow when water is involved? Washing dishes, watering the lawn, swimmers. I am sure swimmers get in the flow the moment they are in the pool. I wonder if it is harder for swimmers to get out the flow because they are in water? Maybe, because that image of water is so conducive to flow that they struggle with thinking about anything other than being in the moment. And when they try to think of the past or future they are immediately brought back to the present flow thanks to water.

Conversely, what about something opposite of water? I don’t know what that might be, nothing comes to mind yet, but I stay in the flow and keep typing knowing it will come. Opposite of water, something hard, a blacksmith. What they work with in the end is really hard. Wait, they have to be in the flow, because molten metal flows like a river. Besides that, it is extremely hot. If you were not in the flow paying attention, surely you would burn yourself.

Now I am out of the flow having interrupted it with a thought that for the life of me I am unable to remember. Oh yeah, that damn peanut butter sandwich. I am getting hungry and want to eat it.

Maybe it is time to step out of this flow and into the one in which I get to enjoy the taste of the slightly sweet, creamy made in Japan natural fresh peanut butter.

My mouth is watering now, it is time.

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