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Minnesota Musings


By March 2, 2020May 9th, 2020One Comment

Fear is funny. Yes I know, how can one say the word fear and funny in a sentence. I just did and because by making that claim that fear is funny, I am saying that by not giving fear too much credence, then I am also not giving it too much power.

Fear in the right context, say in nature with a bear approaching is one thing. But in others like thinking of the future, that is just plain suffering. You suffer now for something you don’t even know will happen yet. By fearing the future you are implying you are doomsayer because you are thinking you know what will be.

The reality is this is just not true. In this context I think fear is funny, because nobody is a teller of the future even though somewhere in our minds we all think we are. Otherwise why would be doing what we are doing in the first place. This must be part of the human condition, pre-loaded for some purpose. Maybe some kind of residue or leakage from evolution where we need to have a sense of fear in certain contexts, but it has seeped into the psyche causing unnecessary suffering.

The choice is yours. Give in, suffer now and later.


Be here now. Don’t suffer now. Don’t suffer later knowing that later will some day be now.