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Fear Takes Shape

By March 10, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments
Fear Takes Shape

I’m sure the last thing you want to read right now is another piece on corona. The disease that has re-defined going viral. Let’s call it hyper-viral.

This little pesky microbe is everywhere, SNS, MSM, BMW and now burrowing into all facets of life. With each passing day life is being re-shaped as fear begins to take shape. From the canceling of events with large gatherings to the deletion of cultural traditions like kissing on the cheeks in France. This annoyance of a disease is changing everything.

There are no cultural boundaries with corona, despite countries trying to close borders. This is a battle between Mother Nature and humankind. Mother Nature 1, humankind 0.

Until we admit that we are not separate from her, this real life apocalypse scenario will play out over and over.

Admitting is the first step towards acceptance and change. This I trust will get us to rethink the ways in which we live our lives. It is my hope that over time, as the virus wanes we change course by reshaping our lives towards one of sustainability.

I am not sure how many lives will be lost or need to be lost before realizing that the way in which globalization i.e., governments and corporations run and ruin the world, that we the people need to take matters into our own hands and make the tough changes that are necessary.

These are just a couple of very simple easy to adapt examples of the way in which I live my life. Of course some countries and locations are easier to adapt than others. But there are ways and we have choices.

1.) Use hand towels to wash wipe my hands after washing them. Not wasteful paper towels.

2.) Alternative modes of transportation whenever you can. Bicycle, train or bus. Single passenger driving is wasteful.

2a.) Travel less by plane.

3.) Bundle up errand running. If you have to run around town taking care of business, shopping and going to appointments, schedule them all into one outing. Better yet combine them with friends and family, that is if you have to drive.

4.) Buy perishable non-packaged and less prepackaged foods for up to three days at most. Perishable goods tend to have minimal packaging. Buying food for a week or more is wasteful and ends up going to waste.

5.) Exercise and eat healthy. Believe it or not this saves the planet.

This is just a handful of ideas and first step changes to ponder and make a part of your life.

I purposely did not explain how these connect with mother nature, climate change and sustainability. I would rather you make the connections yourself.

There is so much more you can do of course. It is up to you. Right now, we are not doing a good job of it at all.

I hope this corona virus scares everyone, and this reality shifts our thinking towards one of sustainability.

How do you want to leave the planet for your children and generations to come?

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