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Minnesota Musings

Easygoing Acceptance not Resistance Baby!

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I like words. I like how words impact us in ways we may or may not be conscious of. As someone who enjoys writing, I have over time come to learn the power of subtle changes in the words we use.

I have made two word modifications to a phrase I use as one of my waking mantras. The phrase is “acceptance not resistance.” I have added ”Easygoing” because as I age, while I am not going to slow down as I go about my life, it will be more with a sense of ease. This is everything from work to exercise.

Adding the word ”baby” lightens things up much like Kojak used to do when he ended his sentence with baby – “Who loves ya, baby!” The only difference is I am not bald, yet, nor sucking a lollipop. I guess I could, but I do not have that level of masculine charisma as Kojak and would look ridiculous. The reality is that the word ”baby” at the end of my morning mantra reminds me not to take life too seriously.

The original phrase accept not resistance is a reminder to accept life as it is and not to put up the kind of internal fights I used to do when I was younger.

After having a conversation with someone on a similar topic I came to the conclusion that these rambling blog posts of mine are really from the mind of someone who is well over the halfway mark in life. Someone young thinks differently, and that is a fact. As you age and let your mind change and accept it and not resist, it will be different. How different is up to you.

Repeating the phrase “Easygoing, Acceptance not Resistance Baby” is a great way to start the day. Saying it at various times throughout the day or any time things are not going my way will bring me back to that place of the heart and life gets a little easier, “baby!”

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