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Easy Does It and Do It

The title of this blog is one of a few mantras I say every morning. The key is to live by them and not just say them. Today I want to remind myself of this one – “Easy does it and do it.” What does this mean to me? While I like to generally push myself in nearly every endeavor I take on, it is time as I have past the middle age mark to back off, take it easy and go for sustainability. That is to pace myself.

To pace is to know when to go full throttle and when to take it easy. To not over-schedule my life. To take it easy is and feel the ground when taking steps wherever it is I may be going. Easy does it and do it is to be present as often as possible in my life. Take it easy means to be easy on myself, and when I do something really do it, not halfheartedly or what I like to say half-assed, rather with whole heart and mind. By not taking it easy it becomes more difficult to notice the good things in life that have come my way.

“Easy does it and do it,” not “Easy does it but do it.” But implies not wanting to. I want to.

Stopping to take a drink of water I look up and see my bright orange gravel bicycle parked just outside the coffee shop window where I am writing this. A thought occurs to me, “What a life. I am living the life I want to live. A bike ride in the morning, then to one of my favorite coffee shops to write.”

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