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Minnesota Musings

Drawn to Words

By November 30, 2021No Comments

My blog postings are really just warmups. It is literally warming the fingers to the keyboard and making room for the words to flow from mind to screen. There is a gap of time, but not so much that I miss the words as they come. It takes practice to see the words in the mind’s eye, grab it and let it come out unimpeded so that it can make sense. It’s a melding of the process of the now into the now.

I find that if I do not finish a sentence or thought it just hovers there in my mind waiting to be expressed like a customer at the local 7-11 waiting in line. Next! I tend to want to explain the metaphor not trusting that the reader will connect to it. It is one of those areas that needs work–trust. It must be some sort of control wanting people to understand exactly my meaning. People will connect to it and derive meaning however they will. It is not up to me. Just as they asked Bob Dylan to provide meaning to his lyrics, his response, “I don’t know man! That’s not my job! You figure it out!” There is something to not really caring about the meaning and just letting people figure it out.

As far back as I can remember I have been drawn to words. I liked taking long words and figuring out how to use them in context. I wouldn’t look up the meaning of the words, simply determine in what context they could be used. In my early days of word-smithing, I would use a word incorrectly. Some people would point it out and others would just nod as if they knew I used it correctly. They were just being polite.

I usually didn’t look up the meaning of words. It came to me naturally. Naturally in the sense that I would hear a certain word used multiple times and determine its meaning. Take the word preposterous. Basically, meaning far-fetched, ridiculous. I never looked up the meaning, but heard it used so often that I used it for the first time in this phrase in the context of politics, “That is a preposterous claim.”

I heard difficult meaning words in the background of my life. During my childhood the political and talk shows where these words were uttered were not the kind of shows I watched. Playing army, or a board game with my brother, my father would be sitting in his plush, plaid corduroy chair smoking his pipe while watching these shows. It was here that unconsciously these words would become a part of my lexicon later in life. Many still sit in waiting until the time is right.

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