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Do As I Always Do

By February 3, 2020May 9th, 2020One Comment
Do As I Always Do

Don’t veer from the norm of what you do on a regular basis. In my case, before writing I spend time doing some warm up letting whatever comes to flow from the mind to the fingers to the keyboard. No reason to do anything differently. Don’t hold back, no judgment, only truth. Let truth come forth in the way that is meant to. Not clouded by judgment, people pleasing or some other unconscious need to be loved or right.

If I’m not okay with myself, I am certainly not okay with others. True? Yes. Mean? Not necessarily, but that depends upon how people construe through the lens in which they are reading this.

So often people are thin skinned, overly sensitive, lacking confidence, and their reaction is taking offense, going on the defense or simply being mean-spirited. That is beyond my control.

It is in this spirit of writing that I find my truth letting it come forth, pushing the boundaries, plunging the depths, not holding back.

I am drawn to people willing to question power and the status quo. To shake things up. I will always remember a quote (not his original) from a recovering alcoholic priest who said, “I am not here to comfort the afflicted, I am here to afflict the comfortable.” We are not meant to be comfortable. We are meant to change, grow, help, be, allow, love and find our truth. It is an uphill battle, and yet it is everyone’s calling if they choose to listen. Is it comfortable? No. At this point in life it doesn’t matter.

A friend of mine turned me on to Eckhart Tolle a few years ago. I do not listen to him regularly, but on occasion I come across one of his videos and give it a viewing. This one in particular, while focusing on the topic of anger, also addresses expectations, something we all have to deal with.

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Well said, Allen. So, what is your opinion on friends challenging each other, to be willing to push the limits, but not to run away from the challenge?

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