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Bragging Rights?

By July 19, 2020August 17th, 2020No Comments

Minnesotans are not known as braggarts. We are humble to a fault sort of folks. I suspect it has to do with our Scandinavian roots. I know Swedes tend to let actions speak rather than words. Any accomplishments are left up to others to do the bragging.

I am going to venture out on a limb with this posting to see what it is like to be anti-Swede by trying my hand at bragging, for the first time.

To be honest, the post is two-fold. 1.) To experience bragging. 2.) As a form of marketing for what it is I will be bragging about.

As most of the readers of this blogger know I wrote a book titled “10KLRS.” Look at “My Debut Book” section of this blog site for more details. While the book is written the real work began months ago after my editor got a hold of it.

Besides still being in the revision stage for at least another six months, there has been a whole host of other things I have been doing behind the scenes keeping me excited and motivated. Revising if you do not know, is as I have said in a previous post, “a slog,” and labor of love with an emphasis on labor and love. To keep the excitement and motivation I have begun to lay the groundwork for marketing.

Earlier in the year I found a talented Japanese illustrator. He took my vision and designed what will be my eventual book cover.

And like a sign from above, another vision later came to me and he created my avatar logo, which I use for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and COIL

Beside the SNS sites the idea behind the avatar is marketing. I will be turning it into merch as in caps, tees and other items.

The third vision that come to me, combine my love of Japan and bicycling with my book. So I sponsored our riding club cycling team uniform. Take a close look and you can see the title of my book “10KLRS” written on the front of the jersey.

I even went one step further and had my friend and well-known bike wheel builder from GS Astuto build me a set of wheels complete with the book titled “10KLRS” painted on the wheels. At this point I have become a cycling billboard.

And an unexpected piece to all of this, my editor/friend who has been working with some heavy hitters as a ghost writer and editor has included my yet to be published book on his website alongside the other projects he is a part of.

In the end it is all about marketing.

While I am not done with the book, building momentum behind it will get me up to speed as I hit the ground running once published in mid-2021.

So there you have it, a little bragging. Actually, the experience of bragging does not feel like it at all when what you are doing comes from the heart without any preconceived notions or agenda.

Look for print, electronic and monetized versions of the book some time in the middle of 2021. Book release parties to follow in Minneapolis at PinkuJapan and Cross Coffee in Tokyo in the fall of 2021.

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