10KLRS by Allen Wayne Lindskoog

“2021 new book alert: an intriguing, darkly comic, even transgressive collection of transcultural essays.”
— Paul Assimacopoulos, Writer/Editor.

No, that’s not code for some secret government project or some lifesaving or earth-destroying chemical compound, it’s the title of the debut book of Allen Wayne Lindskoog, an American original from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has been living in Japan for well over a decade.

10KLRS is propelled by two geographic nicknames, “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and “The Land of the Rising Sun,” whose concepts are comically skewered as Lindskoog lets it all hang out in his collection of episodes, narrative essays, and cultural observations as seen through the American looking glass about what it means to live in Japan and nearly becoming Japanese in the process.

The book goes beyond being just another ode to Japan, for in Japan, to the casual observer, things Japanese may appear a certain way on the surface while the reality is they are far deeper and more nuanced. With 10KLRS, Lindskoog takes you there, whether leading readers onto a crammed Tokyo train, “Densha,” or illustrating what it means to read the air, Kuki.”

Ready yourself to be regaled as Lindskoog plumbs the cultural depths with tales and experiences from which readers may glean the essences of Japanese culture and its people. As your cross-cultural guide, the author explains, contrasts, and sometimes stumbles upon topics related to daily living, cultural differences, social faux pas, along with other seemingly mundane day-to-day experiences, where most of life’s lessons are truly realized. As a guidebook, 10KLRS can help readers avoid potential blunders and gain smoother entry into the culturally rich and beautiful country of Japan should they happen to venture there.

10KLRS is as much for those who have lived in Japan as it is for first time visitor or anyone with a general interest in the country. The book is rife with language lessons, with Japanese words, terms, or concepts and their English counterparts liberally interwoven into the text, such as, “Ohayo gozaimasu,” good morning.

Watch for 10KLRS Spring 2021. “Chotto matte kudasai,” Please wait!

Allen Wayne Lindskoog is a Minnesota-born American, former New Yorker, Tokyo-based university English lecturer, and avid blogger. 10KLRS is his first book.

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“OMG! Hahaha, this is hilarious!”

— Reiko I.

“Are you kidding me! Nuhahahahha!”

— Joe P.

“Funny. And the cover alone will sell books!”

— Mark B.