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Bob and Me – A Dream

By November 1, 2021No Comments

I had a dream. It was one of those short dreams one has after putting on the snooze button for ten minutes of precious sleep when the temperature outside the blanket is chilly.

After hitting the button I immediately went into a deep sleep and found myself hiking a mountain trail with none other than Bob Dylan. At first it was a group of us. While hiking he was strumming his guitar and singing. As we progressed there were less and less people until it was just Bob and me. Only this time he had slung his guitar over his shoulder and was pushing a mountain bike along the trail and singing.

We came upon a clearing where there were a group of children dressed in flowing muted color clothing. Some were running around on the periphery of a circle. But most were in the middle making a human sculpture stacking themselves on top of one another. I turned to Bob and without thinking judgmentally said, “This looks like a cult.” The moment I said that the look on Bob’s face was one of deep disappointment.

Now disappointing an iconic figure like Bob is not something one wants to experience. The look on his face caused such pain in my heart that I went up to him and without saying a word hugged him hoping that he would reciprocate as a sign of forgiveness.

The flood of emotions on my part was overwhelming. Holding the hug, even tightening it I was hoping for a response, I got nothing. A few moments passed and he released the tension he had been using to hold me back keeping me at a distance. It was then that he hugged me back and I knew in that moment he was in the process of forgiveness. I pulled back to get a look at his face. He was old, that much I could see, and beneath the welled up tears I could see a lifetime of experience. I knew the moment our eyes locked all was forgiven. I returned to the hugging and thought to myself, “My god I am hugging an American icon.” It was then that the ten-minute snooze alarm woke me up from this amazing dream.

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