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Minnesota Musings

Be Here, Now!

By June 23, 2020No Comments

I wonder if I will ever really run out of ideas or topics to write about. It does seem as long as I am alive ideas will come to mind. I like this idea of living in the now to “find out.” I have a whole slew of mantras I say in the morning and evening as reminders all pointing to the moment: “What is life asking of me now? If death alone is certain and time of death certain what should I do now? Yes to this moment. I vow to meet others on equal ground. Freedom is knowing I can go to a different window to experience and respond to life. Am I at ease? Let’s find out!”

All of these are different ways of practice bringing me back to the now. I wonder how many times per day I am brought back to it and how much I live in my thoughts without even realizing it? Each one of these sayings may point to the now, but offer up a practice in a slightly different manner. What is life asking of me now? That is a question I sit with and being present the answer comes in time in that moment of readiness. What is life asking of me now I will often say to myself again. The answer comes. If death alone is certain, time of death uncertain, what should I do now? I am reminded of the word “squander” in this passage. Death is inevitable and we don’t know when that will be, so why allow oneself to get caught up in the pettiness of life, the self created dramas, emotional entanglements, and other things that we use to squander our life. I do, but far less these days. Yes to this moment. When I get an extreme feeling of emotion of some kind, one in which may just be a natural occurrence or one in which is self created, either way “yes to this moment” reminds me to breathe, and observe the phenomenon letting it happen, don’t grasp and let it pass. Inevitably it does.

Throughout the day I say the serenity prayer. This prayer is very much in line with the Buddhist mantras reminding me that there are things that can be changed and others that happen outside of our grasping. Is there ease? A question that signals to search within to determine where there is dis-ease, or suffering. And I may ask the question after that, what is life asking of me now to figure out the cause of the dis-ease. Maybe I am holding on to something or creating drama. Whatever the cause, scanning for dis-ease and asking the question are part of the practice.

The newest “Let’s find out!” I put an exclamation point after because I am excited and passionate about life. This saying reminds me that there is no need to have expectations. Expectations are a sure fire setup for suffering. Because most likely nothing comes the way we exactly envision. Expectations takes us out of the moment and into the future. Living in either places future or past creates fertile ground for suffering.

“Let’s find out” is about living in the moment while we are on the journey. What’s out there is out of our grasp until we are arrive. It also has an implication of wonderment and curiosity.

Awakening each morning I have never met the day with dread while I continue to say these phrases. I prefer to sit, get into the moment and then with a sense of vigor greet the day with a let’s see what’s in store. The same goes with writing, life plans and goals. It is in the doing, the first foot forward that will inevitably leads us somewhere. We may have a sense, but it is never exactly what we envision except that we are here, now!

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