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All You Need IS Love

By December 23, 2020December 26th, 2020No Comments

NOTE: Lately I’ve been returning to some favorite posts such as this and re-editing. Besides, with Christmas just around the corner, and the difficult circumstances we are in, I thought a fitting reminder.

I’ve fallen in love a few times in my life. The first was in my 30s. I know a late bloomer. Maybe it was because it was my first, but it was like a movie. If you want to know the details it’ll be in my book so wait for it. It’s a doozie!

A few years after it ended while living in New York City I was on a first date. As customary on first dates we were sharing stories of past relationships. My turn came and by the time I finished the story, my date through tears said, “How can I possibly live up to her?” Needless to say that was our first and only date.

She was awfully close to the mantra I lived by after that first love affair ended repeating to myself through my own tears of loss, “I’ve reached the top, how can anyone live up to her?” In hindsight, it prolonged my moving on by a few years. In my own defense, it was my first love. And that’s okay we live, love and learn.

The next love came the moment my son hit the light of day. It was love at first sight that forever changed my life yet again. Learning to love unconditionally was not something that came easy to me. I can say to this day I love this little feller unconditionally.

(See the below post Saturdays with Luke)

The next came not in the form of a human, rather an alien that came down from above and took me into the spaceship and …. gotcha!

Actually, it did not come in the form of a human, rather in life. I learned to love life. Reaching mid-life and continuing to overcome a shitload of what life throws at you I have come to accept and even embrace all that it has to offer. And I don’t just mean the “good” stuff–All of it.

I can give you a litany of what life has thrown at me over my 50+ years on this earth, but I won’t because you have your own list. Besides, I have come to realize that life is about overcoming difficulties and life is difficult. Reflecting on my life I see that life has never not been difficult. I never reached a point where it just stopped being difficult. Sure, there are reprieves to catch your breath, but the difficulties come again. So, instead of taking on the poor me attitude I have found that accepting and loving the difficulties makes it easier and interesting.

But, somewhere along the line people seem to think that life is not supposed be difficult. We are not on this earth to live an easy life. That is not reality. I’m not saying go out and make things difficult for yourself. I am simply saying life is difficult. It’s a choice as to how to deal with all of it.

Getting back to love.

I fell in love again with a human after falling in love with life, post-midlife crisis. A muse who continues to inspire me with her presence on this earth. Love frees you from the bondage of self, from the bondage of life because no matter what, it starts with love and “Love is all you need.”

So to call forth the title of this post, I raise this question, what happened to “All you need is love?” I transcended Catholicism long ago, and religion does not factor into my life, but a spiritual life does. And love is inherently spiritual. It seems generally speaking humanity has lost its way.

The Beatles sang about love in many of their songs. Whenever I listen to them and have been again recently, you certainly feel it in the lyrics and music. The world connected with their messages of love sung in a variety of ways. It’s why they continue to be popular. They tapped into something that we all have access to. And yet many turn in the wrong direction for love.

On an individual level with the vitriol spewed on social media, to leaders fueling the fire of racism, to the hate towards our planet, it’s easy to veer outward and away from love. I see love everywhere I go these days. It’s in the children’s faces I saw the other day crossing the street. It’s in the clerk helping an old woman bag her groceries. It’s everywhere if you look inside first.

Where do you see love? What is this world without love? Because really in the end, “All You Need Is Love.”

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Be safe.

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