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A Letter to Mother

By April 1, 2020May 11th, 2020No Comments
A letter to mother

Wednesday, April 1st

Dear Mother,

Hello. How are you? I hope this finds you better than we are doing under the circumstances.

I can tell you are very angry having been ignored for so long. I can say that you have now gotten our attention. It is time we stop and listen, really listen to what you have to say. I know for so long we have been the one calling the shots thinking we know what’s best for you and all the inhabitants of your world.

Before moving on I think it is best to clear the air. On behalf of the human race I would like to apologize for our poor behavior over the last century. We have acted selfishly not taking into consideration your needs, and as a result your inhabitants are dying off in droves. The ways in which we go about our business nad living our lives has been selfish and we have choked off our connection to you. We are 100% to blame.

You have sent us many warning signs over the years and we failed to heed them. At first they were small, and we simply put our heads in the sand selfishly focusing on ourselves and what mattered most to us, regardless of the cost. The destruction and harm we have caused has been devastating. We are very sorry, we had many opportunities to make it right.

Yet we continued on our merry way not paying attention and destroying those dear to you. Now the message is loud and clear. I know this is what it took and we are paying the price for the foreseeable future.

I do hope you will give us another chance. To prove to you that we are not so bad and can work together in harmony with you. We just needed to be reminded that we are part of your world, you are not part of ours. We will make your world a priority and do whatever we have to do to make it right.

If things continue with business as usual, because I know you are looking out for your world, you have every right to send us something even more devastating than what we are experiencing now. We now know what it is like to feel loss and devastation on a grand scale as you have experienced.

Again, please accept our apology. We will do better from now on.



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