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A Beautiful Day

By February 2, 2020May 9th, 2020No Comments
A Beautiful Day

Sometimes just stating the obvious that is right in front of you is the place to start. Looking out over the outdoor Starbucks table on this day, the weather is beautiful. A cool, perfectly clear sunny day. The mood near the station is on the festive side thanks to the weather. People are full of energy, you can see it in their gait.

I sit here under an awning writing and observing people coming and going. It is what I have always enjoyed doing, spending time watching the world go by. I like to use this time to take a break as I wait and let the next set of words well up before putting them down. It seems to be my style. I cannot force words, only let them come up and take shape as I see them in my minds eye before arriving on the keyboard. It is creativity. I have always been fascinated and now I am living it.

I just finished watching for the second time a documentary that won the 2012 Academy Award called “Searching for Sugar Man.” It’s about an obscure Bob Dylan-esque musician by the name of Rodriguez from Detroit who put out a few prolific albums in the 1970s. For whatever reason they never really sold in the US. My theory is that the record industry machine gatekeepers never really allowed him in and singers like Dylan overshadowed him, despite his songs being just as poetically prolific.

Even though he was never popular in the United States he sold nearly a half a million records in of all places, South Africa. I will stop here. If you have never seen the documentary, I highly recommend it. It’s heart warming and offers insight into a truly creative genius who creates by putting his music out there with no pretense. What I mean by that is that he creates for the sake of creating.

To me that is what it is all about, putting it out there. If people read, watch or listen to it, so be it. If not, so be it. The chances of anyone being on par with the likes of Dylan, Rodriguez or even getting people to truly pay attention is not an easy task. In this twitter world people have to be loud, obnoxious, over the top or create some sort of hook or giveaway just to reel them in, rather than trust what they are saying is of value.

I don’t know maybe I am old, old-fashioned, but I still appreciate genuine creativity. I am discerning in what I read, listen to and watch, most is mediocre at best.

Someone like Rodriguez brings me hope in a less hopeful world.

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