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tokyoliving123-Time + Age = > friendsJapan DiaryMinnesota Musings
June 22, 2020

Time + Age > Friends

PHOTO CREDIT - I have had a lot of friends during my lifetime. Only some are still around and most others have faded away.…
tokyoliving123-Unauthorized Banksy PostJapan Diary
June 20, 2020

Unauthorized Banksy Post

Let me say this from the get-go, this is not going to be some gushing fanboy post about his genius. It’s a preface to something…
tokyoliving123-Shaping the MomentJapan Diary
June 17, 2020

Shaping the Moment

I had lunch recently with two older Japanese guys that I see weekly at the gym. Both are retired and in their 70s. On occasion…

Latest Blogs From Minnesota Musings

tokyoliving123- Life as TheaterMinnesota Musings
July 6, 2020

Life as Theater

I used to be an actor many years ago. I was bit by the acting bug in a big way in my late 20s. Starting…
tokyoliving123-Love Life and TimingMinnesota Musings
July 4, 2020

Love Life and Timing

I like to start my posts with a story based on experience connecting and letting it influence my writing. Today, Saturday, July 4th 2020, my…
tokyoliving123-drawing-on-the-pastMinnesota Musings
July 2, 2020

Drawing on the Past

Looking in the past and being consciously aware is really living in the present. And because I know I am doing that, I have a…

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