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Tokyoliving123-Open WideJapan Diary
August 18, 2021

Open Wide

NOTE: My original intention was to continue with the The Lineage of a Cigarette Butt and risk-taking. But having just returned from a follow up…
Tokyoliving123-Gauntlet of ChildrenJapan DiaryMinnesota Musings
July 10, 2021

Gauntlet of Children

Imagine taking a sidewalk stroll after a long day. A cool early evening breeze relaxes you allowing your mind to focus on nothing much at…
Tokyoliving123-Trees, They're Still Talking To MeJapan Diary
June 28, 2021

Trees, They’re Still Talking

Riding my bike in the mountains outside of Tokyo I was on a steep 10 kilometer climb and needed a break. In the middle of…

Latest Blogs From Minnesota Musings

Tokyoliving123 - By the Banks of the TamagawaJapan DiaryMinnesota Musings
December 15, 2021

By the Banks of the Tamagawa

Like a children’s coloring book, the misshapen colorful tents of all sizes dot the landscape along the Tamagawa River. Contrast that with a blue sky…
Tokyoliving123-Drawn to WordsMinnesota Musings
November 30, 2021

Drawn to Words

My blog postings are really just warmups. It is literally warming the fingers to the keyboard and making room for the words to flow from…
tokyoliving123-Get It DoneMinnesota Musings
October 4, 2021

Get It Done

I like that I can get things done that I put my mind to. I am still a flawed individual that much I know. Yes…