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tokyoliving123-Bruce. Stewart. WattsJapan DiaryMinnesota Musings
October 14, 2020

Bruce. Stewart. Watts.

Sounding like the man in the above photo, I was pissing and moaning recently to a friend about not having more of a readership for…
tokyoliving123-Weekend. Lazy Days. Recovery Days.Japan DiaryMinnesota Musings
October 12, 2020

Weekend. Lazy Days. Recovery Days.

oday’s blog post is nothing more than a straight up stream of consciousness exercise in writing. I usually like to add a creative bent with…
tokyoliving123-Writhing in RatJapan DiaryMinnesota Musings
October 8, 2020

Writhing in Rat

TfhaffkgdsghkhkhdF lkksdhsdkfhfkjsahg g ghhsdfkdgdhklp9uf,shdhjf U kjshfdshdfhjksdhjkhdsgkjfkjhjC aakjjhasdfasjkhgljksahghjkhjkgK kjshdakjhhkhadfkjjhkshdkhY jhasdfjkhasdgkjhassg gkjht4kjaskjdgjghkhgO jkasdghkjahsgkjhkgU "Klang klang, klangy, klnag klang that's the sound of the gun going bang bang."…

Latest Blogs From Minnesota Musings

tokyoliving123-Peek-a-booMinnesota Musings
November 20, 2020


I see you, cowering in the corner. I see you doing it alone. I see you afraid to look within. I see you unwilling. I…
tokyoliving123-Truth Be ToldMinnesota MusingsOp-ed (ish)
November 19, 2020

Truth Be Told

I am often at a quandary about the thoughts floating around my head about what I see, feel and want to say. How much of…
tokyoliving123-What's It Gonna Be?Minnesota MusingsOp-ed (ish)
November 11, 2020

What’s It Gonna Be? Listen to the opening lyrics to a song called "Territorial Pissings," from the 90s band Nirvana. A pretty prosperous time in America. Nirvana topping…

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