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Japan Diary
May 5, 2020

Starting A new

Everyday is a new day. Every chapter is a new chapter. Staring anew everyday. Start from that place life is much easier going. If we…
Japan Diary
April 28, 2020

First Day

My sleep last night was restless. As usual, the day before the first day of classes my brain has a tendency to play scripts of…
Japan Diary
April 21, 2020

Settled In?

Life under the pandemic is settling down a bit now that there is some clarity about what to do and how to protect oneself. Easily…

Latest Blogs From Minnesota Musings

VoiceMinnesota Musings
May 28, 2020


Photo Source - Jason Rosewell - Unsplash I used to be an actor many years ago in both Minneapolis and New York City. During the…
Minnesota Musings
May 27, 2020

10K rule

A few years back I read a book by the author Malcolm Gladwell titled "Outliers" about how successful people reach their goals. Chocked full of…
tokyoliving123-VisitationMinnesota Musings
May 20, 2020

🔒 Visitation

Okay let me preface today's post. I am not religious, spiritual, yes if sitting on a cushion feeling your breath come in and out of…

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